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Titanium Engineering are a leading provider & distributor of post-tensioning technology system in Pakistan. We aim at providing the best engineering services and solutions to our local and international clients. Titanium PT SYSTEM was introduced in the year 2014 with state of the art technology and engineering services. Our team of local, foreign engineers & design experts specializes in providing highly economical post tension design.

We not only offer design & installation of Titanium PT system but also provide services of product inspection and maintenance after successful completion of each project.

Titanium PT System

Post-Tensioning is a method in which high strength steel wires or strands are utilized as reinforcement in combination with concrete
The benefits that are achieved with the use of Titanium PT SYSTEM include:
Large open plan column free floor spaces, Reduced construction costs, Faster construction, Water resistant properties, Floor to floor height reduction, Reduced foundation load, Improved deflection control, Greater column free areas, Reduced carbon footprint, Greater loading capacity & Larger spans
With the use of Titanium PT SYSTEM, amount of conventional reinforcement and concrete required is reduced which ultimately provides highly economical and environmental friendly solutions.
Titanium PT System is committed to improving the standard construction, design & workmanship in the post-tensioning industry.
Natural weakness of concrete in post tensioning can be easily overcome with the help of high strength wires/cable and helps to make better use of concrete’s compressive strength.
This can be easily attained in post tensioned concrete structures by placing high tensile steel strands or wires as per the international standards in the formwork before casting or concrete pouring. After concrete reaches the desired strength, steel high strength wires are pulled with the help of specially designed hydraulic jacks and held in tension using smartly designed anchorages effectively placed on each end of the seven wire strand or wire. This creates compressive forces at the corners/edges of the structural member that increases the strength of the concrete member for resisting tensile stresses making it stronger and reliable than the normally conventional structural members available in the market.
In Titanium PT SYSTEM tendons are appropriately curved to a certain profile, this exerts additional pressure in addition to compression at the perimeter. Finally load balancing forces will counteract applied loads, relieving the structure from a portion or 100% of gravity load effects.

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Our consulting firm specializes in structural design for a variety of project types. Our goal is to provide our clients with personalized service in design and in the field by regular involvement by key personnel of the company. Titanium Engineering has professional registrations in multiple states and has experience in:

  • Residential Low-, Mid-, and High-Rise
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse

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